Aidan McG. New York. Singer/Songwriter. Actor. Bisexual.
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#triplets  (at Public House 55)
#tbt to my first live performance in the city #PathCafe (at The Path Cafe)
My seaweed-turtle friend  (at bakini bottom )

Anonymous asked: Tbh you've been my tumblr crush since the day I followed you. If only you lived closer, I'd honestly try my hardest to win you over. Even if that means becoming your friend and then busting my way out. Haha well have a good day Aidan :)

Aw that is so sweet! Thank you! :) where do you live?







i can never not reblog this. 

Have to.


Welcome to the priorities of the human race.

Forever reblog.

i got chills from this. rest in peace hero.

following back heaps♡
Missing my best friend everyday. Happy Birthday Murph, thank you for giving me the best childhood a boy could ask for. I’ll see you again someday 💙
Good people ✌️ (at Sag Harbor, New York)
Mine (at Waterfront Marina Sag Harbor)
Emily get out of my lens  (at The Hamptons)