Aidan McG. New York. Singer/Songwriter. Actor. Bisexual.
Youtube: aidanmcg08new
Twitter/Instagram/Kik: aidanmcg08

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"We look like fun"
Train station mirror pics 😜
@kathrynmcdougal same shoes nbd #twinning #converse #citifield #mets (at Citi Field)
Take me back #asu  (at Arizona State University)
#tbt @amymesssina my love
I’m missing the royal palms.
Coronas and Arizona

Anonymous asked: I honestly think you're so cute and perfect and I want to date you but I doubt you'd like me.

awww thank you i’m not perfect or cute but you’re nice! and why not?

I’m going to miss this place.
Took her out for a spin today 😍 #bentley
I’m one with the cacti #arizona  (at Brown’s Ranch Trailhead)
IT’S OFFICIAL 🌴 SHE’S GOING TO ASU #bestfriend #ASU #college @baddgallili96 (at Arizona State University)